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We cover all of Southern Arizona.

We have hundreds of experienced partners, around the world, in all Data Network and Internet Service Industries.

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Q Do you have techs another states?

We have a worldwide network of professional and experience technicians, with many years of experience.

Q Can you help me order my Starlink system?

At this time there's not a certified dealer in the Continental United States, But we can assist you with setting up your own personal account.

Q Does the Sterling have to be mounted on my roof?

No. There are multiple installation options and configurations that will best suit your needs.

Please give us a call so we can give you a satellite view estimate.

Q Why do I need your services?

Starlink is the leader in fast and reliable internet services, for practically anywhere that the stars can be viewed.

That said, the system is currently shipped to you as a self-install unit.

We and our partners do a full survey and professional install of the unit and indoor network the best suits your needs.

No need for you to climb ladders, risking injury to you or your equipment.

We have you covered.